FM13 series fuses are the only parts in its class to be included in the Defense Supply Agency's QPL; devices utilize exclusive think film technology; have been in orbit for over 35 years with zero failures

SAN DIEGO, Calif.-March 8, 2018-AEM, Inc. announces that its FM13 series of surface-mount solid body fuses have earned inclusion in the of Defense Logistics Agency's Qualified Parts List (QPL). The FM13 series are the only parts in its class to attain QPL status in compliance with the MIL-PRF-23419/13 high-performance standard.
AEM's high-reliability FM13 series features a precision thick-film fusible element with a glass arc suppressing system that ensures that arc, plasma and vapor are contained within the fuse package during overload-current conditions. The positive temperature coefficient of the fuse element causes an increase in resistance (prior to opening), thereby preventing an absolute short circuit to the power source. The surface-mount solid body fuse devices are rated for operation between -55 and +125 degrees Celsius. No current or voltage derating is required during vacuum operation.

The FM13 series' high-reliability performance earned them a coveted spot on the QPL listing. According to the Defense Logistics Agency, the QPL is "a listing of products or family of products that have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification." The listing "is used by government activities to determine approved sources of supply for items they wish to procure."

AEM's General Manager, Jeff Montgomery, said: "To be solely listed and qualified to this specification is a great achievement for AEM, Inc." He continued, "AEM continuously strives to meet our customer's requirements for space and other harsh environment applications. We are very pleased with this achievement and how it complements AEM's 35-plus years of space heritage. AEM's MIL-STD-790 and AS9100 certified facilities have and will continue to provide our customers with unique component solutions to meet their mission critical program needs."

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