Category: Hi-Rel Ferrite Chips

High Reliability Up-Screened Ferrite Chips


AEM, Inc. offers a unique service to up-screen high-quality, commercially available ferrite chip to meet high-reliability DSCC 03024 qualifications. This process provides a cost-effective means of producing an expanded inventory of DSCC part types for applications where failure is simply not an option.

AEM combines its unique testing and processing expertise to achieve this result. First, AEM’s proprietary, aerospace-qualified plating and fusion process is used to convert the pre-screened commercial-grade parts, manufactured to be RoHS-compliant, to tin-lead (Sn/Pb) terminations and homogenizes the Sn/Pb terminal finish. The converted parts are then subjected to full DSCC 03024 Group A, B and C screening and repackaged in full reel with lot screening data.